The blog of Luis Nassif passes along an observation from Pedro Dória.

I do not know from firsthand knowledge that it is true. I know some people who work at Abril, but they are not necessarily the sort of folks that would leak to Nassif.

Dória also has an interesting note on the “old and new” journalism at Colombia’s El Tiempo that I will try to find time to read later. Jeremy Boob: “So little time, so much to know.”

Quem tenta enviar um link para o blog de Luis Nassif utilizando email com o domínio não consegue.

Anyone trying to send a link to Luis Nassif’s blog by e-mail from the domain is unable to do so.

O firewall interno da Editora Abril está bloqueando as mensagens com o link. Certo tipo de conteúdo eles não ajudam a divulgar.

The internal firewall at the Editorial Abril is blocking messages to that address. There are apparently some kinds of content they are not interesting in helping to make public.

Someone wrote in to CartaCapital magazine this week saying they hoped that competing general-interest and business newsweeklies here, many of them fonts of gabbling nonsense,  would simply be driven out of business.

CC ran a house ad noting that its readership had grown 15% — the only glossy weekly not to experience a decline in audited circulation. And bully for CC. It is always an interesting read. I buy it every week (even though it is freaking expensive, like all periodicals here.)

But as someone who likes to read tons of magazines, I have a slightly different wish: That Editora Três, Globo, and Abril will eventually just fire the jerkoffs currently running those titles, with extreme prejudice — Globo’s Ali Kamel first and foremost — and put some responsible adults in charge, who will start producing something worth reading for a change.

Brazilian journalism fields a lot of fine talent.

It just needs to promote it to positions of responsibility.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Turning your back on the problem is not going to make it go away.”


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