RIP, Al-Tamimi

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Despite everything,  Azzaman (Iraq) manages to translate some its news into English every day.

Iraqi Journalists will commemorate the death of their chief every year and turn it into a day of morning for their colleagues who have fallen in duty.

Killed February 27.

Gunmen had opened fire on Shihab al-Tamimi’s car last week and died of his wounds last Wednesday. The union has declared February 27, the day he was attacked, into an annual anniversary to mark “the martyrs of the family of Iraqi journalists.”

News blackout.

Iraqi newspapers will suspend publishing on Monday and television networks will appear with a black strip on their screens as a sign of morning for Tamimi.


Tamimi will also have a statue sculptured for him and installed in one of Baghdad’s landmarks in recognition of his “national stands, patience and tolerance.”


Tamimi, 74, was buried in the holy city of Najaf.


Journalists have frequently been targeted or caught up in attacks in Iraq. Excluding Tamimi’s death, at least 126 journalists and 50 media support workers have been killed since the U.S. invasion of 2003.

According to another report I am reading, those numbers are as of November 2007.

I am reading that some 59 more journalists have disappeared since that time, suggested an accelerated harvest.  Checking.


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