Globo’s Kamel: “The capacity of these people for self-promotion knows no bounds”

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Globo’s Kamel:
Why does this man still have a job?

On his blog, Brazilian business journo Luis Nassif notes the latest sally by the director of Globo Journalism Central, Ali “The Most Dishonest Man in the Southern Hemisphere” Kamel.

On whom see also

In reviewing a public school textbook he claimed constituted “ideological indoctrination,” Kamel misstated so many material facts (including the contents of the lesson he was writing about and the workings of the textbook selection process) that it is hard not to conclude that the man was not just systematically and intentionally lying his ass off.

Nassif had written about similar tactics employed by Veja magazine, in a similar context:

Que “O Globo” publique o artigo em que Ali Kamel tenta demonstrar que a compra de eletrodomésticos é a prova do fracasso do Bolsa-Família, se entende: Kamel é dirigente das Organizações Globo e tem direito a escrever a tolice que quiser. Nem vale a pena estender sobre o primarismo dos argumentos, sobre a incapacidade de Kamel de entender o papel inclusivo do consumo, ou considerar que a compra de eletrodomésticos é um item menos nos gastos das famílias. Seria exigir muita sofisticação analítica dele.

One can understand the O Globo daily’s publishing an article in which Ali Kamel tries to show that the purchase of domestic appliances proves the Bolsa Familia social assistance program has failed: Kamel is a Globo executive and has the right to publish any nonsense he wishes. It is not even worth the trouble addressing the [simplemindedness] of his argument, or Kamel’s inability to understand the role of consumption, or to point out that the purchase of home appliance is a minor item in the spending of these families. This would be to expect some analytical ability on the man’s part.

The Bolsa Familia program is a subsistence subsidy to families in absolute poverty, with some features of “welfare to work” as well, I think you could say. “Populist demagogy!” screams the opposition.

Que alguns áulicos considerem que o artigo tem algum valor analítico, se admite, porque a bajulação se tornou um componente intrínseco nesses tempos de “neojornalismo”.

That some [eggheads] might consider that the article has some intellectual merits is to be expected, given that a culture of [bootlicking] has become an intrinsic component of this sort of “neojournalism.”

Que José Aníbal repercuta a nota, vá lá, é líder da oposição e, no vale-tudo atual, pode se conceder liberdades poéticas de achar algum valor nas mesmices de Kamel.

That [politician] José Anibal would give prominent play to the article, go figure, he is the leader of the opposition and in the current [“anything goes” atmosphere] one can allow him the poetic license of finding some merit in this [same old same old] from Ali Kamel.

Mas que “O Globo” repercuta o artigo é ego demais, jornalismo de menos.

But for O Globo to [cover the article as a news story] is too much ego and too little journalism.

O padrão de autopromoção desse pessoal não tem limites.

The capacity of these people for self-promotion knows no bounds.

I will have to have a look at the article in question when I get a chance. Been busy lately.


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