Brazil: Former Top Fed Queried Over Alagoan “Ghost” Employee Scheme

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Something fishy in Maceió.

Alagoas em Tempo Real follows up on a Brazil federal police raid on the state legislative assembly of Alagoas.

The mind-blowingly lovely Northeastern coastal state is one of the most interesting places in Brazil — mostly for the wrong reasons at the moment, unfortunately. We plan to make a grand tour of Northern an Northeastern capital cities one of these days, and Maceió is high on the list. But only after it calms down some.

The local political culture tends to produce a lot of monsters, for example, and there was something really wrong with the last elections that the president of the federal elections tribunal (an Alagoan and Collor cousin) cannot seem to get to the bottom of, while the state cops have been on strike for at least six months now, dead bodies are piling up in mounds, and marching powder seems to be a growing factor in local off-the-books GDP.

The president of the house (DEM-FFL) and a number of state lawmakers are accused of padding the payroll with armies of ghost employees and relatives and doing God knows what with the proceeds, which allegedly ran into the hundreds of millions of reais over the last decade.

Some 90 indictments have been issued so far. The president of the state assembly has been suspended from his post.

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The president of the assembly (he is a chartered accountant by trade, one reads) allegedly swearing his sister in as a member of the state’s indpendent audit agency, in the middle of the night, was piquant as well.

The state independent audit agency being responsible for catching on to schemes like this.

Está marcada para o dia 10 de março a viagem de delegados da PF que investigam a fraude na Assembléia Legislativa para o Paraguai onde será ouvido o ex-superintendente da PF, Bérgson Toledo, que confirmou a operação foi o delegado Sandro Gomes que confirmou a interceptação de um telefonema entre Bérgson e o presidente afastado da Assembléia, Antonio Albuquerque.
March 10 is the date set for federal police investigators investigating fraud in the state assembly to travel to Paraguay, where they will hear from former federal police superintendent Bérgson Toledo. PF investigator Sandro Gomes confirmed that a wiretap captured a phone call between Bérgson and the suspended president of the Assembly, Antônio Alburquerque.
Segundo apurou o Alemtemporeal o conteúdo telefônico estarreceu os delegados que estão investigando a fraude, pois nele Antonio Albuquerque cobra veementemente de Bérgson informações sobre operações desenvolvidas pela Polícia Federal.
We were able to confirm that the contents of that call stunned investigators, because in it, Albuquerque forcefully demands that Bérgson provide him with information on federal police operations.
Durante a Operação Taturana um agente da PF foi preso e deve perder o emprego por ter passado informações a um deputado que seria amigo, as informações dão conta que este agente teria dito a um deputado sobre a expectativa da operação Carranca e Antonio Albuquerque ao saber disto ligou para Bérgson cobrando informações.
During Operation Taturana, a PF agent was arrested and is due to lose his job for having passed information to a state lawmaker about plans for Operation Carranca. When Albuquerque learned of this, he called Bérgson, demanding information.
O ex-superintendente Bérgson Toledo é atualmente adido policial no Paraguai é alagoano tendo inclusive parentes mantém atividades políticas, ele comandou a PF por cerca de 14 anos se contar todas as vezes que ele esteve a frente do cargo.
Former PF superintendent Toledo, currently serving as police attaché in Paraguay, is a native Alagoan and has relatives who are politically active in the state. He led the PF for nearly 14 years in all, counting his various terms of office.

Não seria a primeira vez que a PF “corta na carne”, o atual superintendente lembrou em entrevista ao Alagoas em Tempo que a PF passou por um período de auto limpeza há alguns anos e entre os ex-delegados que foram indiciados estaria o ex-secretário de defesa social de Alagoas Wilson Pérpetuo.

This would not be the first time the PF has “cut into its own flesh.” The current PF superintendent recalled, in an interview with Alagoas Em Tempo [Real], that the PF went through a housecleaning period a few years ago and among the former PF investigators indicted was former Alagoas state public safety secretary Wilson Perpétuo.

Charged with putting the fix in for load-jacking, smuggling and adulteration of (Paraguayan) vehicle fuel. Convicted. Did not have to go to jail because the statute of limitations had run on the charges.

A witness in the case was found dead of unnatural causes.

Satirical photomontage from the Web log Visgo da Jaca — I have no idea what that means, but the Web site profile features a photo of someone “sticking their foot in the jaca,” a huge, spiny, gooey fruit sticking your foot in which is a metaphor for a very bad hangover — lampoons the whole episode as an episode of Globo’s Big Brother Brasil.

“On this show, you see absolutely nothing. On the other hand, you will hear some really [obscene, immoral] conversation.”

Sponsored by a leading furniture polish, “because people with [wood faces] use it.” Cara de pau means someone who lies right to your face without so much as batting an eye. Or cuts in line and pretends serenely like they didn’t. Even though you saw them do it, they threaten to sue you for libel if you say so. Cara de pau. A completely unscrupulous bastard. One of the kookier political candidates last year is known for holding up a bottle while denouncing “corrup-i-tion,” pronounced as a four-syllable word.

As to why one state lawmaker is quoted as saying, “I tot I taw a puddy tat,” I have not the foggiest notion. I will try to research that for you.


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