“FARC Sought Romanian Uranium from Russian Mobster With Israeli Passport”

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Semion, a Kruschev lookalike, from the FBI “bubbling under the ten most wanted’ list.

… between 1993 and September of 1998, Semion Mogilevich headed and controlled the Mogilevich Enterprise, an association which consisted of the aforementioned individuals and a network of companies in over twenty different countries which orchestrated a sophisticated scheme to defraud investors in YBM stock. The scheme was allegedly funded and authorized by Mogilevich. This complex network of corporations was set up to create the illusion that YBM was engaged in a profitable international business, primarily the industrial magnet market. Igor Fisherman served as the Chief Operating Officer of YBM on behalf of Mogilevich, who was YBM’s major shareholder. Anatoli Tsoura was the Vice President of Finance for YBM’s main subsidiary.

“It is known that the organization led by Osama bin Laden has established “a presence in Colombia and other South American nations government by a populist left that opposes the United States,” says the [MI6] report.

“Raúl Reyes buscó uranio en Rumania”: Citing anonymous MI-6 sources, Irish journalist Gordon Thomas signs — or has his name signed to — a story about FARC’s alleged search for uranium for a “dirty bomb” in Romania.

It appears today in Colombia’s El Espectador.

Thomas is also a fiction writer one of whose novels was filmed as Voyage of the Damned.

See also

This has not been reported in English yet, that I can find. Daniel Pipes seems interested in the work of this Gordon Thomas, however.

Agentes del M16, división de los servicios secretos de inteligencia británicos, establecieron que Raúl Reyes, comandante de las Farc, grupo narco-revolucionario, muerto en un bombardeo en su base de operaciones en Ecuador el sábado pasado, realizó una visita clandestina a Bucarest, capital de Rumania, para negociar la compra de una cantidad de uranio suficiente para construir una bomba sucia.

Agents of MI6, a division of the British secret intelligence services, have established that Raúl Reyes, a commander of the narco-revolutionary group FARC, killed in the bombardment of an operating base in Ecuador last Saturday, made a secret visit to Bucharest, Romania, to negotiate a quantity of uranium sufficient to make a dirty bomb.

Un experto del Centro Británico de Energía Atómica en Harwell confirmó: “Una bomba sucia es un arma sumamente letal. Aunque no tiene el mismo impacto masivo que una completa explosión de kilotones, es relativamente fácil de construir y su detonación causaría un daño real y gran pánico”.

An expert from the British atomic energy center in Harwell confirmed: “A dirty bobm is a highly lethal weapon. Although it does not have the same mass impact as a kiloton explosion, it is relatively easy to construct, and its detonation would cause real damanage and great panic.”

This is undoubtedly true. But what does this Harwell expert know about Raul’s travels?

Con un nombre falso y un pasaporte Venezolano, Reyes llegó a Bucarest a mediados de enero para reunirse con un alto miembro del Sol Naciente.

Using a false name and a Venezuelan passport, Reyes arrived in Bucharest in mid-January to meet with a ranking member of “Rising Sun.”

La Orden del Sol Naciente es liderada por Semyon Yukovich Mogilevich, quien es descrito por la Oficina de Seguridad Británica como “uno de los criminales más peligrosos del mundo”. Mogilevich tiene una orden de arresto expedida por los Estados Unidos y otros países europeos. Sus principales negocios son la prostitución, las drogas y el tráfico de humanos.

The Order of the Rising Sun is led by Semyon Yukovich Mogilevich, described by the British Security Office as “one of the most dangerous criminals in the world.”

Would that be NaCTSO?

Reportedly travels on an Israeli passport, nevertheless. As Thomas also reported:

Substantial sums of hard currency provided to Saddam Hussein from the sale of Iraqi oil allowed under United Nations sanctions have been laundered through banks around the world by a Russian Mafiya boss described in an MI5 report as “one of the world’s top criminals.” Despite that, Israel continues to allow Semyon Yukovich Mogilevich to travel openly on one of its passports. Even more remarkable, the MI5 description was reinforced by an investigation by Mossad. Its report concluded that Mogilevich is a “major criminal — but has taken great care to commit no crime against Israel.”


Accounts allegedly used to launder money for the frisky globetrotting reputed rented-pussy and marching powder merchant got Bank of New York in a lot of reputational hot water in the late 1990s.

The El Espectador story continues:

Mogilevich has a warrant issued for his arrest in the U.S. and other European nations [sic]. His main lines of business are prostitution, drugs and human trafficking.

The U.S. warrant is for securities fraud, however, it looks like.

Desde la disolución de la Unión Soviética, el Sol Naciente ha desarrollado lo que el reporte del M16 llama “una relación de trabajo con al-Qaeda”. Se sabe que la organización de Osama bin-Laden ha establecido “presencia en Venezuela y otros países sudamericanos gobernados por la izquierda populista, que se oponen a los Estados Unidos”, dice el informe. Fue la conexión entre al-Qaeda y el Sol Naciente la que alertó a los oficiales del M16 apostados en Bucarest de que las Farc estaban preparadas para comprar “una cantidad considerable de uranio para fabricar una bomba sucia”.

Since the breakup up the Soviet Union, Rising Sun has developed what MI6 calls a “working relationship with al-Qaeda.” “It is known that the organization led by Osama bin Laden has established “a presence in Colombia and other South American nations government by a populist left that opposes the United States,” says the report. It was the al Qaeda-Rising Sun connection that alerted MI6 officials posted in Bucharest that the FARC were prepared to buy “a considerable quantity of uranium to manufacture a dirty bomb.”

Now that is quite a yarn.

Smells an awful lot like Niger yellowcake-style gabbling disinformation from the school of J.J. Rendón and Scooter “Judy Miller is a friend of mine” Libby, though.


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