Any Port in a Tempestade: Santos Flies South

Valor Econômico (Brazil) reports today:

SÃO PAULO – A Santos Brasil anunciou que venceu uma licitação para operar o terminal de contêineres do Porto de Imbituba, no Estado de Santa Catarina. Para ter o direito de arrendar o terminal por 25 anos, a empresa pagará R$ 120 milhões.

Santos Brasil announced it has won a competitive contract to operate the container terminal at the Port of Imbituba in the southern state of Santa Catarina. The company will pay R$120 million for the right to lease the terminal for 25 years.
It looks like pondering this sort of news, for newswire subscribers, is what I will be doing much more of in the future.

The arrangements are not final, but it looks promising.

It’s a beat-reporting gig that’s a little bit like “blogging” — you scan a bunch of different sources on a regular basis and write up the most interesting and useful ones in the time alloted.

The difference is that serious people are paying you money to stay on-topic.

That is, they are paying you to be useful to them, not to amuse yourself or engage in viral marketing on behalf of undisclosed third parties.

On the blog, in contrast, you can dick around as much as you feel like.

It would have been nice for Valor to tell us who threw the auction.

That is, who Santos Brasil is acquiring the rights from.

One of my favorite ways to lull myself to sleep is to put the TV on the Rural channel and watch the televised auctions of boi zebu breeding stock. Those noble, mountainous Indian cattle are a sight to behold.

Em 2007, Imbituba movimentou aproximadamente 18.000 TEU (unidade equivalente a um contêiner de 20 pés – 6 metros – de comprimento), embora a configuração atual do cais acostável e do pátio disponível permitam a movimentação de 150.000 TEU/ano. Atualmente, os principais itens de exportação do porto são produtos de madeira, fumo, cerâmica e frango congelado.

In 2007, Imbituba moved some 18,000 TEUs — equivalent to a container 6m long — but the current configuration of the docks and available freightyard space permit as many as 150,000 TEUs per year.

I actually need to look up TEUs. Oh, okay: “Twenty-foot equivalent units.” Makes sense. Thanks, American Association of Port Authorities, with your helpful terminology page.

Em comunicado, a Santos Brasil informa que tem planos para expandir a capacidade do porto para até 950.000 TEU/ano. Para tanto, a empresa projeta investimentos de aproximadamente R$ 283 milhões.

In a press release, Santos Brasil says it has plans to expand port capacity to 950,000 TEUs/year. To that end, it projects it will need investments of approximately R$238 million.

The question is: What’s in Santa Catarina that exporters might suddenly start exporting more of in mass quantities over the next few years?

Besides quaint, anachronistic and slightly creepy little Bavarian villages, plopped down in the middle of the tropical rainforest, straight out of The Boys From Brazil, that is?

I guess you could make a start by checking in with the local trade council.

A operação está sujeita à aprovação do Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica (Cade).

The transaction requires approval by CADE, Brazil’s competition regulator.


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