Memories of Madeleine: “Grotesque Nonsense”

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The Brazilian news media gives a blank check to the international news agencies with respect to credbility. If these agencies commit an error, the reporting of Brazilian news organizations collapses along with it.Ricardo Kaufmann

Jornais pedem desculpas aos pais de Madeleine: the G1/Globo news portal — which as of last week has a new editor, I noticed — picks up a story we saw on the BBC last night: unprecedented front-page admissions by two British tabloids that they simply invented defamatory fictions out of whole cloth in mass quantities.

The next question is how much of that fictional, defamatory bullshit Globo itself picked up off the wires and passed along to its readers. (It now seems to have moved on to the Brazilian madame who rustled up hookers for Eliot Spitzer.)

Someone should do a thorough postmortem on Globo’s blanket coverage of this story to see how much toxic sludge it failed to filter as it flowed down the content pipeline.

The benchmark for this sort of hysteria in Brazil was the Escola Base case in the last decade — shrieking lynch-mob journalism in a case of alleged systematic sexual abuse at a preschool, not dissimilar to the McMartin case in the States.

Dois jornais britânicos pediram nesta quarta-feira (19) desculpas em suas capas aos pais de Madeleine McCann, a menina que desapareceu no dia 3 de maio de 2007 em Portugal, informou a “BBC”.

Two British newspapers apologized today on their front pages to the parents of Madeleine McCann, the little girl who disappeared in Portugual on May 3, 2007, the BBC reports.

Os jornais “The Daily Express” e “The Daily Star” retificaram suas informações e pediram desculpas em suas capas por divulgar uma suposta ligação de Kate e Gerry McCann com o desaparecimento de Madeleine.


“Sabemos que não há provas para sustentar outra teoria que não seja a de que Kate e Gerry são completamente inocentes e que não têm relação alguma com o desaparecimento de sua filha”, afirmaram os dois jornais.

“We know there is no evidence to sustain any theory other than that Kate and Gerry are completely innocent and had nothing to do with the disappearance of their daughter,” one of the two newpapers says.

Which one?

As publicações, que pertencem ao grupo Express, publicaram informações de que o casal McCann estava relacionado com o desaparecimento de Madeleine, o que os pais da menina qualificaram de “difamação grotesca”.

The publications, both of which belong to the Express group, published reports that the McCann couple were linked to the disappearance of Madeleine, which the parents called “grotesquely defamatory.”

O grupo Express indicou que pagará uma substancial quantia como indenização, que será destinada à fundação Madeleine, criada pelos McCann para a busca da menina.

The Express group said it will pay substantial damages, which will be donated to the Madeleine Foundation, created by the McCanns to help find the little girl.

Owned by Richard Desmond:

Richard Clive Desmond is a British publisher, current owner of Express Newspapers and founder of Northern and Shell plc. Express Newspapers publishes the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Star on Sunday and Daily Star; (born December 8, 1951).


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