DIOGENES: The things you must concentrate on are these: always be bold and reckless and jeer indiscriminately at everything, from kings on down. … Speak in a harsh, rough voice … In word, behave exactly like a wild beast. Forget about shame, propriety, moderation.

BUYER: Get away from me! Everything you’ve said is nauseating. It’s inhuman.

DIOGENES: But, listen. It’s so easy. Anyone can do it. No course of study required, not debates, no nonsense. My road is a short-cut to fame …

– Lucan, “Philosophies for Sale”

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“Maria Paula calls Marconi Ferraço a liar”; “Israel rejects Hamas truce offer”: Google News Brasil presents fictional events — a Globo soap opera plot summary — as though they were factual ones.

This is a backup site for the New Market Machines Web log at blogalization.nu, currently [June 2006] suffering a DoS attack.

Colin Brayton — a mild-mannered journalist, editor, writer, independent scholar and translator from Brooklyn — manages this half-assed virtual assignment desk, which covers theory & practice & strategy & tactics in financial technology, financial content, financial media, corporate communications and global financial markets.

Colin Brayton — a mild-mannered journalist, editor, writer, independent scholar and translator from Brooklyn by day — by night wanders the network in the purple tights of the vigilante consumer of information services.

Take your pick.

Click for the executive summary of the mission statement.

In convoluted consultant-speak, the NMM impossible mission, when we have time left over to accept it, is to cover breaking developments in newsflow arbitrage and the emergent, convergent financial content and transaction network ecosystem.

To which NMM Principle No. 4 applies: “Eat alphabet soup with Occam’s Razor; or, won’t somebody tell me what diddy wah diddy means?”

I think an NMM reader put it best: It’s the “stream of consciousness” commonplace book of a virtual assignment-desk editor trying to keep on top of the global newsflow in his chosen beat–and to do it without working 16 hours a day.

Job One: sort the signal from the noise and ignore the noise.

Reality-test the proposition that the Internet renders time-tested methods for doing this obsolete — the “innovation journalism” hypothesis.

And that’s where the “open-source Bloomberg box” comes in–how to do that using only FLOSS, open news and research sources, and one’s own BS-detection wetware.

Suggested reading from the distinguished faculty of Harvard:

See also Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt: An Essential Bibliography

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One thought on “About NMM(-TV)SNB(B)CNNBS

  1. Hi Colin

    I´m from Brazil and just finished to read your comment no Blog do Mino da Carta Capital , where you writed a link. Liked this site a lot.It was a pleasure to know.I´ll certainly come back. bye

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