Not a Test

When the homeland gets ugly, the tough move their ops offshore. Pictured here: The Principality of Sealand.

The main New Market Machines blog at is suffering a DoS attack.

Emergency procedures during NMM server outage: Tune your solar battery powered radio to

and stay tuned. RSS is here. IRC channel is #marketmachines on FreeNode. AIM: blindtangerine. I’m trying out a demonstration of WetPaint here.

And I’m also trying out two candidates to replace as a newsfeed source: Kaboodle and Shadows. See the right-hand column.

This site hosted free by WordPressMU Beta. Bless ’em.


2 thoughts on “Not a Test

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  2. Update: My ISP just last week moved my URL back from the quarantine server to the production server. But now I kind of like it here at Oh, well, I will find something else to do with the space. It is quite cheap.

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