Announcing The New World Lusophone Sousaphone

//” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.

First of all, generally speaking — and there are notable exceptions, mind you — blogging is a waste of time second only to relying on blogs as a source of reliable information with enough value-added to make them worth your time and attention.

Then again, it’s my life to waste.

That said, I come to the marketplace of half-baked ideas to announce that I will fulfill a New Year’s resolution by (1) transferring my blogging activity to The New World Lusophone Sousaphone, and (2) spend more time on O Bicho-Preguiça, where I promised myself I would publicly work to improve — or fail to improve — my abysmal New World Portuguese prose style.

Adjust your bookmarks accordingly. Or not.

It’s not like you blog-reading fools contribute to my household income, after all.

Some initial posts from the Sousaphone:

About the Sousaphone.

RSS feeds for the Sousaphone family of syndicated newswires:

//” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.

A Lusophone is someone who speaks the Portuguese language natively or by adoption. As an adjective, it means “Portuguese-speaking.” The word itself is derived from the name of the ancient Roman province of Lusitania, which covered an area that is today Portugal.

Sousafone é um instrumento de sopro da família dos metais. Trata-se de uma tuba especial que o executante apoia no ombro para que possa executá-la enquanto anda ou marcha.


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