NMM-TV: The Other Faith-Based Political Movement

The ideological divisions within Catholicism, and their political ramifications, is the under-reported Latin American story of the election year. IMHO.

This advertorial — hosted on Arcoiris.tv — for the Fé e Política movement here in Brazil, which supports the Landless Rural Workers Movement, will give you some idea.

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FOX’s Paradise Lost: Stranger Than a Fictional Blog

Terra has the Brazilian take on the upcoming FOX film “Turistas” — but the comments on a fictional travel warning on the film’s fictional “blog” — I guess it is supposed to be, like, the blog of the characters in the film — are a bit more, er, direct:

I am brazilian and these things doesn’t happen in brazil like that, i am sure that USA is more violent than brazil…
shut up

Which is a fair comment.

Bad things happen here like crazy, but not “like that,” and generally not to gringos.

It is much, much harder to kill rich gringos and get away with it than it is to kill poor Brazilians and get away with it.

Which is embarrassing and also a bit of a relief. There is that card you can play, if need be.

But it’s not just that.

Brazilians of all kinds actually tend to like us.

They don’t necessarily want us Yankees to go home, I think, as Neuza says is shown in the film.

Some of them — a lot of them — would just like us to behave ourselves a little better while we’re here, that’s all.

And in my case, the feeling is mutual — the liking of them, I mean.

It’s not that the myth of Brazilian congeniality is utterly false — Alckmin cited Gilberto Freire’s famous theory during his concession speech on Oct. 29 — and that the capacity for ultraviolence and the holding cheap of human life is absolutely true, even if São Paulo rush hour traffic can give you that impression.

Brazilians are, as a culture, an incredibly friendly and loving and generous and hospitable people who are capable of  living with — or forced to live with — and sometimes engaging in, astonishing levels of savage ultraviolence.

What’s really astonishing to me, however, is the capacity for tolerating the savage ultraviolence committed on their behalf, and in their name, among the more “civilized” and “enlightened” sectors of the Brazilian population, in the name of the “democratic rule of law.”

By the way, to be fair, recently you are starting to see scattered incidents of the Rio “parallel power” — the Comando Vermelho and the Amigos de Amigos — singling out tourists as part of a strategy for globalizing its public relations message.

There’s a very funny and grim joke floating around here about a planned al-Qaeda attack on Rio gone wrong, in which, in the end, the terrorists decide to leave Brazil alone, and get Brazilian police & thieves to teach them how to really engage in random terroristic violence.  Continue reading

‘A Swiss Mystery at Euro Disney’

Bad puns are the reusable code modules of the journalistic profession.

A Swiss Mystery at Euro Disney: I love DealBook, the NYT’s business blog, edited by this Sorkin fellow.

It’s a well thought-out approach to how a blog, which can be updated at any time during the publishing cycle — I actually produced PowerPoint for the bosses at my old job on this subject, believe it or not — can add to the paper’s own formal coverage to keep site visitors tuned in.

Acknowledge and link to the best work of your competition — the phrase “all the news fit to print” is an empty boast; other news operations invariably get to good stories that you don’t have resources to cover — while giving yourself a fair shot at keeping the reader on your Web site.

The selection of stories is right up my alley, too.

For example, today, the whole world is scratching its head about an investment group that was set to announce an $0.11 per share offer for Eurodisney, one of history’s greatest boondoggles, but then cancelled the press conference.

Just who is Center-Tainment? Disney said it has been unable to discover any information about its potential suitor, but Reuters quotes unnamed officials who said they repurposed a company named Orca as an acquisition vehicle to make a run at Euro Disney. A German company leads the group of 45 shareholders who together own 99 percent of Center-Tainment’s stock, according to an official. Few other details were provided about the shareholders, other than that some have experience with entertainment industries like indoor soccer.

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‘Shift in Corporate Prosecution Ahead’

Source: the idiots at Right-Magazine.com

Shift in Corporate Prosecution Ahead (WaPo): What could possibly move those anti-American radicals at the ACLU — donate today — to join forces with the good people of K Street?

Compelling evidence of politically motivated criminal prosecution of businesses by the Gonzalez Justice Dept., maybe?

Justice Department officials are revising controversial guidelines for criminal prosecutions of companies in response to pressure from business groups, civil liberties lobbyists and an influential lawmaker who is expected to introduce legislation on the issue early next week. The changes, which could require local U.S. attorneys to obtain input from high-level Justice Department officials before seeking corporate indictments, could be unveiled by Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty next month, according to sources briefed on the issue who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deliberations are not yet complete. The administrative revisions also may forbid government lawyers from forcing companies to stop paying attorney fees to employees ensnared in investigations, a move that was declared unconstitutional in June by a federal judge in New York.

The Constitution of the U.S. does not just protect hippies who do not like Wal-Mart or the current neocolonial military adventure very much, you know.

Even those sociopathic hornswogglers at Enron and those fascist propagandists and traitors to the American way of life at Google[=Goebbels] have 4th Amendment rights to due process of law and freedom from coercion.

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XBRL Gerbil Dies a Guinea Pig’s Death?

As Orwell might have said, some eXtensible markup standards are more eXtensible than others.

FSA ditches XBRL: Wow.

Told you so.

Coupled with the U.K. securities industry regulator’s recent negotiations of closer ties with the U.S. SEC — whose chair, Cox, was extremely enthusiastic about the XML-based business reporting markup language and its lobby-like-mad business ecosystem — this is quite an interesting story from a new market machines engineering and global open standards development point of view.

The UK’s Financial Services Authority has stated that it will not be introducing the eXtensible business reporting language (XBRL) format for filing of financial and regulatory returns.

This after Microsoft hard-coded XBRL publishing tools into the latest iteration of its Office productivity software suite, for example.

As actor Keanu Reeves is known for saying: Whoa.

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Blog Mission Statement of the Week

From the Bicho Preguiça blogroll — one of these days I really am going to overcome my shame over my crappy Portuguese prose style and give equal blog-time to the fina flor de Lácio— the Tupiblogger at Breves Notas is part of my study of best practice in humorous blog mission statements. I plan to publish a 1,000-pp. monograph on the subject someday, using modern discourse analysis techniques.

BN wins the NMM Best Mission Statement Award for the Week.

Come collect your prize: All the Itaipava you can drink within a two-hour period at Pé pra fora. Guaraná Champanha from AmBev is the non-alcoholic alternative of choice for NMMers. All the fritas and linguiça dinamite you can eat with a toothpick.

O Breves Notas é uma obra organizada de um modo um tanto caótico e contém diversos trechos que foram incluídos simplesmente porque na hora o organizador achou que era uma boa idéia. Atualmente, temos cerca de uns 324 textos sobre os mais variados assuntos que, por fim, terminaram atraindo cerca de uns 32897 comentários, tudo confinado em meras 9 categorias. Qualquer que seja seu gosto, o Breves Notas tem o que você deseja. Eu não me orgulho disso.

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